Open Triples 2024

$60 per team

Tuesday, July 16, 2024
6:00 pm

Enjoy a fun and competitive evening of Triples bowling. 2 Novice minimum per team. Dessert between games.

Register at club email or on list posted in club.
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A very welcoming club with great members/players. Love the tournament play at the Preston Club.
~ Peggy Wappler - bowler from Elmira LBC

Tournament Results

Event Details

$60 per team

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Last Year's Winners

2023 Winners -Helen Nelson, Irene Mueler, and Watt Mueler (Georgetown)

2nd Brian Broadway, Andy Flanagan, Anne Flanagan (Heritage Greens)

3rd Kathy Greener, Gary Toman, Randy Meyer (Heritage Greens)

4th Pat Beaumont, Helen Baker, Jackie Yeaman (Preston)

5th Dave Defoe, Rick Potter, Gregg Derrett (Preston)


  1. Larry Chaput
  2. Barb Young

Special Events
Preston Lawn Bowling Club

Date & Time

Tuesday, July 16, 2024
6:00 pm

    Order of Bowls

    Event Contributors


    Prize Payouts Listed Are Based On 16 Entries

    Number of Prizes And Amounts Will Vary With Fewer Entries

    1st Place Prize



    High 2 Game Winner

    2nd Place Prize



    2nd Highest 2 Game Winner

    3rd Place Prize



    3rd Highest 2 Game Winner

    4th -
    4th Highest 2 Game Winner
    5th -
    High 1 Game Winner
    Card Draw for Non Prize Winners
    Just last year, several new members learned, competed or simply enjoyed playing the game of lawn bowling at the Preston Club
    “Up and coming lawn bowling club. Great membership, friendly and social atmosphere.  Lots to offer and such a great sport!  Give it a try!”
    - Darryl Fitzgerald


    Tournament Rules

    2 Games of Triples – 12 Ends

    All players must be current members of the OLBA and present their card upon registration.

    Two players must be Novices, as defined by the OLBA.

    1. Tournament will consist of 2 games. Each game will be 12
    ends. (Weather delays or cancellations will be at the
    discretion of the convener.)
    2. Each bowler will bowl 2 bowls
    3. WWB rules will apply with the following exceptions: These
    additional tournament rules are in effect:
    a) Opposing bowls frozen or equidistant from the jack will
    count as an end played. One point to each team. The end will
    count as played.
    b) The respot rule will be used when a jack is driven out of
    c) If tied at the end of the game an extra end will be played. In
    the extra end each bowler will only bowl one bowl. The winner
    of the end will be declared the winner of the game, but do not
    add the score for that end unto your total. A coin toss will be
    used to determine who chooses to start the end.
    d) The maximum score for a game shall be 18 points. Any
    scores above that will be used to break ties.

    All decisions of the convener will be final and binding.

    Tournament Rules


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    Did you know?
    The stereotype in Canada is that lawn bowling is a game for the elderly.

    At PLBC, we have youth memberships to foster a lifelong love of the game and bring families together.

    “ One of the greatest little clubs you'll ever visit. Give it a try !!”

    ~ Chris Stadnyk - President of Heritage Greens LBC